Thursday, August 9, 2012

My sister, Tara, has opened a new business in PA and is doing super!  Each day brings new challenges and also new customers.  This is something she has always wanted to do and I am so proud of her!  I have also always wanted to have my own business.  My dream was to open a bed and breakfast somewhere but my life was full of moving around the world and zero extra funds for investing in property.  So this dream has stayed just a dream. 
About six months ago, I looked into a candy basket company where you work from home, but it asked for a larger starting cost than I was able to afford. 
Two months ago, a friend from church invited me to a meeting for a company that has a line of items using tree oil as an ingredient.  Funny thing is, I actually looked into this company about 15 years ago and tried some of their products.  This time around, I decided to look into this opportunity further and I have been using their products for the past two months.  I did the tester challenge:  I replaced my usual products for their products. 
Results:  I love their products. I have not missed my old products and am looking forward to making them a permanent fixture in my home. 
I am now going to represent the company and try my hand at having my own business.  This is very exciting.  Anyone out there private business owners or work from home?

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