Friday, September 21, 2012

Along with my new career, I have also begun new eating habits.  At I finally found
the reasons  I couldn't lose weight.
 As a woman, there were many possibilities: health, hormones, menopause...the list goes on.  I began looking into things one topic at a time.  Health issues took priority and for me that meant surgery and a lengthy recovery period.  Mental health was also in the cards for me, so I spent a year taking care of issues. Next I tackled hormones.  I had a saliva test done about 2 years ago, found out where I was deficient and am now using a compounding cream.  For menopause, I became knowledgeable and read till I couldn't see straight.  For some reason, women in my family don't share their personal issues with anyone, so I was on my own.  I spoke with my doctor (she's wonderful), opened up with girlfriends and found comfort in knowing I wasn't alone.  Age was also a factor, this I can't do anything about...the years just keep creeping up on me.  Having taken care of all these areas, there I sat, with all my weight still in place.  I tried Nutra System, Weight Watchers and Slim Fast only to work my buns of for a few pounds that came back anyway.  I tried to implement regular exercise.  Apparently for me regular means doing in once in a while in a haphazard fashion.  I had a personal trainer for 3 months (loved it), joined a fitness club; it felt like I was wasting my money with the amount of times I actually went and tried walking my dog 5 days a week.  Between starving myself, depriving myself and getting so sick of veggies that I could puke, I hopelessly decided I would be stuck in this body forever.  Then a co-worker of my husbands was here for a conference.  While we were having dinner together one night, she told me about her successful weight loss.  I sat there watching her eat this humongous bison steak, sweet potato and veggies (I mean she had a full plate) and I am chuckling to myself.  "So you cheat on your diet while you travel?" I said, smiling.  "Nope" she answered.  She proceeded to tell me about Primal eating, gave me the link above to look at and calmly finished almost everything on her plate.
I skeptically logged onto to marksdailyapple and for about 4 months did nothing but periodically read the weekly newsletter. Then one day, the article on cholesterol caught my attention.  I spent about an hour reading, re-reading, doing online research and ended up sitting in front of the computer dumbfounded.  Could this be the answer to my weight issues?  I made a decision, at that moment, to give this primal eating a try.  The worst that could happen was nothing (no weight loss).   I am now in week 3 with a 5.5 lb weight loss.  Here is the best thing for me:  I don't have to track my food!  Really!  In previous diets, I thought about food all day long.  What would I eat for lunch, how many calories left for dinner, did I add in my exercise calories burnt to be able to have some dessert?  It's really hard to lose weight when all you think about is food.  Another great thing is I am not hungry during the day.  Really!  My day is packed with protein, not just meat but dairy, nuts and 2% milk.  I can't tell you the last time I had 2% percent milk,  it's delicious!  I have given up processed foods, sugars, breads and pasta.  I don't miss it.
Go to the website, give it a read and then give it a try.  You may be amazed, as I am, and you may finally find a way to lose those pounds and get healthy!  Let me know what you think!

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