Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yesterday I totally stepped outside of my box.  I went prospecting for customers and checking out prices at a major department store and at a high end mall.  My director and the person who signed me up came with and we spent the day walking and talking.  We did exchange cards with two people and found our prices are much lower than the high end stores for beauty cream and makeup.  While it was educational and I did get to know my co-workers better, I am not interested in doing this again.  They say your cold market stays cold until you develop rapport and make it warm.  This was very uncomfortable for me.  I don't have a problem meeting people and making small talk to form a connection, but I do have a problem with asking for information.  I will stick with my warm market and take it from there.  My goals are to move along at a slow, steady pace.  This isn't a race for me.
New facial products, including an acne program have been released.  This is good news, it opens a whole new market.  Along with the holiday line, I am hoping the find a few new families that are interested in bringing health into their home and taking the poisons out.

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