Friday, September 7, 2012

Month 2 for Melaleuca and do I have a story for you! My friend has a 2 year old son named Max who is totally engaged in the world around him.  He loves taking things apart and seeing how they work.  While his mom was in the shower, he pulled a kitchen chair into the laundry room, climbed on the washer, opened the cabinets and pulled out the laundry soap.  She is not sure what happened but when she opened the bathroom door, there was Max, crying and drooling all over the place.  She saw the laundry room door open, the laundry soap out,and put two and two together. She grabbed Max, threw him in the tub and started rinsing out his mouth while dialing her doctor and then 911.  She ended up running him to the emergency room as she was pretty confident he had swallowed some laundry soap.  She grabber her laundry soap as she ran out the door.  At t he ER, the doctor looked at Max and noticed she had brought the laundry soap.  Not recognizing the brand, he looked up the ingredients and turned to Max's mom.   "This is one very lucky little boy" he told her.  Her laundry soap was Melaleuca and the ingredients in the soap were non poisonous and had enzymes in it that were compatible to the human digestive system.  They did not have to pump his stomach and Max's biggest problem was drooling from mouth irritation.  True story.
I am more confident than ever that Melaleuca is a rising star in bringing natural cleaning solutions back into the home.  

As for me, I am slowly getting the word out.  Not everyone is interested and this is okay.  I tell people don't try this product for me, try this for you and your family.  With over 400 natural products from make up to laundry soap, I am positive there is something there for everyone.

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