Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tonight is our first Melaleuca conference here in Co.  If anyone is near Denver and is available from 7-9 pm you are welcome to attend and see what all the hype is about!  It is at the Park Meadows Marriott and there is no admission fee.  I am curious to meet some of the people I read about in their Leadership magazine.  There are so many success stories of people, just like us (Tom and I), starting out small and ending up being so successful.  It's one of those magazines where you read and dream at the same time.  The concept of people to  people marketing is not new but Maleleuca has taken it one step further by eliminating the middle man and bringing products straight to their customers, while paying their customers to shop with them through monetary rewards.  Crazy.  You will never finds these products in the store (no middle man).
I opened my box and found the most beautiful, large soy candle with a subtle scent of cranberry, orange.  Did I say large?  I think this will burn for years lol.  The holiday catalog was there and wow, some great products coming out.
Preview: Chocolate/Peppermint organically grown popcorn with whole grain corn and fiber.
Sweet cinnamon colada moisturizing hand soap with all natural ingredients
Body butters and sugar scrubs.

It's going to be a healthy holiday season here in Melaleuca country!
Drop me a line if you have any thoughts or questions.

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