Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dark gifts

I had an interesting talk with a person the other day about gifts and talents.  We all assume gifts and talents are a positive treasure that come from the light within us.  What if our talents and gifts have a darker side?  Does this mean they have a darker origin?  I don't think so but it sure has me thinking.  What brought this conversation on was the uproar over weapons and what we, as Americans, feel is acceptable.  This all boils down to perception and this will always be a controversial topic.  Let's assume the world continues on this crazy, self destructive path of murder and mayhem.  How are we supposed to deal with this?  I am all in favor of gifts and talents from the light.  I can't change the world but I can change how I perceive the world. I used to think we could create bubbles of safety and live in them quietly.  My bubbles burst a while back.  Now I feel it is our responsibility to share our strengths with those around us to better the lives of others.  Here comes the double edge to this sword.  What if our gifts are in self preservation and fighting fire with fire?  The right to public weapon carry along with concealed carry comes to mind.  I don't mind if someone has been certified and trained for concealed carry but I certainly would freak out if I saw someone casually carrying a semi-automatic draped over their shoulder in the  grocery store.  The argument is: What is the difference?  Both people are fully trained and certified to carry.  We see one weapon, we don't see the other.  Is out of sight out of mind the best answer?  I believe, in all things, we should think of how our actions will affect others.  I would be running for my life and calling 911 in the above scenario even though this person may just be exercising their right to public carry.  Let's assume, this person is super qualified to carry and actually knows what they are doing with this weapon.  And let's assume the reason they choose to public carry is to ward off all the crazies who carry with evil intent.  It has been said (not paraphrasing here) that only good people with guns can deter bad people with guns. I believe there is great responsibility when it comes to fire arm carry.  Along with knowing your weapon inside and out, you also need to be able to use it in times of stress.  This may mean killing another human being.  This not just about marksmanship.  Is this self preservation using public weapon carry a dark gift even if you never have to use your weapon? I am not sure, still trying to figure this one out.  All I can say is if the zombies ever make a public appearance, I will know who to call.

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