Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shouting "UNCLE"

Do you remember growing up and rough housing?  You would try as hard as you could to have the upper hand but it didn't always turn out that way. The magic word was "Uncle" when you finally gave up with whatever it was you were doing.  This word worked better than "please" when it came to your friends.
Today the sermon covered the 6th day of creation and how God created us in His image.  I grew up believing this meant I looked like God.  It all made sense because when He sent Jesus, He made Jesus to look just like us, which meant this is what God must look like.  In my child's mind, this worked.
Well, flash forward 40 plus years. I realized over time that this was not meant to be taken literally.  When the Bible tells us we were created in His image, it goes so much deeper than our physical characteristics. He gave us dominion over all the creatures in the sea, on the land and in the air.  He gave us free will and He didn't stop there.  He gave us the gift of art, music, science, written language and the list goes on.  All of these gifts and talents He distributed among us (although I am sure I was in the back of the line for some of these gifts).  None of the other creations here on earth were given these gifts, these beautiful gifts that are from and of Him.  This is how we are like Him.
So why do we stand in front of the mirror and try to perfect the physical part of ourselves as if this is really important?  Overweight, bad hair day, pimples, too short, too tall, bald, the list goes on.  Yet, when God sees us, all He sees is perfection and all He feels is love for us.  Here are some conversations we may have in  front of the mirror:
Boy, I really need to lose a few pounds.
Why?  You are perfect as you are.
My hair is going gray, I need to make an appointment and get that fixed.
I created  you to grow old, it's part of my plan for you.
I am pretty worthless some days, that dark cloud just follows me everywhere.
I will help you get beyond this, all you need to do is ask.
Why to I have to struggle with this disease?  It's just not fair.
I created you perfect, this disease will help you grow.  Just ask me for help.
Life is so hard, I struggle daily just to make ends meet.
Submit to me and I will carry your burdens for you.
Just look at you, who do you think you are??
You are my child and I love you.  

Do you see a pattern here?  We live to knock ourselves down in the process of trying to be perfect in this life. Yet, God doesn't need us to find perfection.  Why?  Because he already created each one of us perfectly in His image.  All He needs from us is an invitation into our lives.
When it seems all is lost and life is too hard, remember to call out "UNCLE" loud and clear.  God is just waiting to give you a helping hand.

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