Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Houston, we have a problem".  Talking to my food is a double edged sword.  My talk with my salad last night was everything it should have been.  Crunchy, healthy with an awesome dressing.  My talk with my apple strudel did not go as well.  Apples and raisins, healthy, sugar and crust on the other hand, not so healthy.  I just sat down and ate the rest of it so it would be gone from my mind.  Somehow, my brain feels the strudel is a healthy snack, yet I know it is not so.  I have heard that when you have your heart set on a food and you don't eat it, you overeat other foods trying to get rid of the craving.  I believe this to be true.  The popcorn I made this afternoon did not deter me from finishing the apple strudel, it wasn't even a close second.  What are my tools to help me change my thought process?  For starters, I need to not have unhealthy snacks sitting around the house.  The strudel was a left over from the Holidays.  I grew up not eating healthy and on many days, not having any food at all to eat.  For me, throwing away food is incredibly difficult.  I have looked through my kitchen and don't see any other food that may give me a problem. (I was wrong, I found some chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels) sigh....I don't even like pretzels...  I will continue to dialog with my food today and see what other red flags pop up.  I know my brain is trying to help me and keep me safe but I am no longer a hungry child.  Haven't had hunger issues in over 30 years.  Time to find a new way to think.
I have also decided to record how I am feeling, health wise   I am really stuffy from allergies and using Afrin.  If I use Afrin for more than 3 days, I get a backlash of severe stuffiness.  I will not use it for a week and see how I feel.  I do notice that whenever I am really stuffy, I eat without regard to hunger.  I wonder if my lack of sense of smell due to stuffiness prompts my brain to tell me to eat.  I am scheduling myself for surgery to fix my deviated septum this year.  It would be so great if this helped me conquer some of my eating issues.
Tomorrow my husband will take the rest of the Holiday snacks out to work.  Thank goodness!

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